Yutong ZK6129H

Yutong ZK6129H
1500 rubles/hour
45 seats
Yutong ZK6129 - внешний вид
Yutong ZK6129 - салон
Yutong ZK6129 - салон
Buses - detailed tariffs: 

— Размер предоставляемой скидки можно уточнить по телефону: +7 (495) 233-1668;

Transfer Send-off Meeting
Sheremetyevo 8100 rubles 8100 rubles
Domodedovo 9450 rubles 9450 rubles
Vnukovo 8100 rubles 8100 rubles
Railway stations 8100 rubles 8100 rubles

— Paid parking - additory customer payment.

Rendered transport services payment can be both: cash-less or cash settlement (in virtue of registered high-security form).

In the case of long-term contract we provide a special discount to the corporate account (to 40%), its amount is defined depending on the transport service scope and conditions.

You can receive more detailed information on our tariffs and rendering services when contacting to our transport service manager: + 7 (495) 233-16-68.